Sunday, September 9, 2012

Quote of the week #4

We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.

Joseph Campbell

One of my biggest weaknesses is probably that I am a really bad organizer and planner, at least when it comes to my own life. When I ought to do something for others, it is very important for me to be reliable, but when I should plan something in my own life, I tend to be a bit chaotic and spontaneous. As I have explained in some earlier post, I never watch the weather forecasts and just go outside to see how the weather is. That is basically the way I have handled a lot of things in my life. During the last year in particular, a lot of things have changed in my life, I have developed personally and I started making some plans in my life though.
I have noticed that most people feel comfortable in planning everything and that a lot of people don’t like changes of plans. I do understand the reasons for it and I can also see the advantages of planning.

But I still wonder if it is better to schedule every detail in our lives or to take things as they come.
I think one has to distinguish here between things that should be planned and things that we have no influence on.

As I have mentioned before, I used to plan hardly anything, although I have always waited for the future to come, so that I could move away and start my own life. This might seem contradictory, but as I always just had this big plan, I didn’t plan the details that came before.
Nevertheless, I have learned that you should have some plans in your life and that it is nearly impossible to continue with such an attitude that I had, once you are a grown up and once you are fully responsible for your life.

But is it really necessary to plan every detail and most important, is it possible? In my opinion, it absolutely isn’t.
At first, there are things like preparing for a test, for example an exam at university. Obviously, you should know how much time it takes to learn the different topics and then try to learn it continuously and not keep it all for the last day, so scheduling here is necessary.

Secondly, there are the big plans in life. Admittedly, I have to say that I still don’t have concrete plans here. I rather like to see it as options you have in life and ways you would like to continue. For example, I would like to have my own little family one day, but can I really be sure that I will ever find the partner for this? It is also my dream to visit as many places of this world as possible. Furthermore, I want to graduate from university and find a job that I like. But I have no idea about the details yet.
You always have to keep in mind that there is no way of foreseeing the future and things usually don’t turn out as we have expected them to do, so these are rather not my plans but some of my aims in life. At the same time, I can see that it is important to know your options and to have some plans in mind, so that you can try to reach the best possible outcome. Moreover, a good organization is often necessary and helpful to reach your goals.

Besides, it is a great and important thing to have some visions and dreams in life.
So we should have some plans for the important big things in life, but we also have to consider changes and developments, so that we can modify our plans and the way we could reach our goals.

But still I see no point in planning every detail of my life. You can’t plan the little things you have no influence on. There are so much wonderful things to explore every day and I like to keep all options open.
In fact, starting this blog was a very spontaneous decision and when the idea arose in my mind I immediately implemented it. Of course, some planning would have been useful. But on the other hand, without being spontaneous I would never have had this idea.

This is just my personal point of view and I am aware of its great imperfectness. However, as my journey just began, I am sure there will be more development.

Finally, this whole text didn’t completely refer to the quote. But I think it speaks for itself.


  1. Anonymous10/9/12 18:32

    Knowing where this quote comes from, and the high influence this man had on USA society during his life, it is strange that most people in America still think in a well planned "American Dream".

    My guess is that there is a "planned" propaganda that reaches the world about the "Dream", and our ineffable capacity to believe.

    I think so because I started to live a totally ordered life with attention to the smallest details when I began my corporative life.

    But then, ill fated circumstances marked with irrefutable pain the lack of consistency of a planned development in this world.

    Not remembering this JC's quote, of course, I had the luck of being able to get down of the planned "Dream" and accept what was waiting for me.

    It is not easy, but it has its moments. :)

    1. You seem to be pretty disappointed by the "American Dream".
      It is true about the propaganda, we have aready talked about the American Dream a lot of times in school. However I didn't consider it as well planned, rather as the hope of some people to fulfill their dreams in the US, but without planning anything. But I have never been there, so all I can do is guess and tell what I have heard.

      I am glad to hear that you were able to overcome it and I hope you can enjoy many good moments yet. :)

      As always, thanks for your comment!

    2. On first impression, it looks like making sacrifices for something else; unplanned.

      Some people would be able to follow closely what they planned but not for me as it would change with time. I don't have a well-organized life and I can't stick to resolutions. Sadly, it remains as resolutions till the year ends. What I do is take or accept whatever comes my way but looking into the rationales of each one and not to be entangled in it.

      Another nice sharing from you. Thank you.

      Have a blissful time! :)

    3. It is somehow nice to hear that I am not the only one that is not able to stick to resolutions. My life is far from being well-organzied, too, but usually I am OK with that. It's just that people around me seem to be so structured.
      You seem to have found a good way to deal with things.

      Thank you so much! :)
      Have a great time too!