Saturday, January 5, 2013

Setting Priorities...

It’s about 2 AM where I live and after having worked on writing a paper for university all day (more or less), I decided to go to sleep. Well, I couldn’t fall asleep with all those things I have yet to do going on in my mind, so I got up again. I don’t even know where to start, should I finish my paper, should I finally work on my application for my semester abroad, should I catch up on all the Chinese vocabulary or should I try to study for that math test that I will most likely fail if I don’t start understanding anything very soon. Or should I prepare that presentation that needs to be done for the next week? And what about the nine other exams I have to study for? (And this is only concerning university, my life happens to consist of other things too.) I wanted to get all these things done during Christmas holiday. There are only two days left. You see, there  is not much time left to work on my blog, actually the days are way too short to get at least some of these things done, especially because after the holidays I am at university for about 12 hours almost every day again, so there is not much time to catch up on all these things anyway. 

That’s why I decided that I eventually have to set priorities if I want to pass any of my exams and go on that semester abroad (which I really, really want to, I have been looking forward to this for a long time). 
So, I am sorry to announce this, but I will be on a temporary hiatus for some weeks. 
As I don’t want to give up blogging permanently, however, I consider this as a break and will return when my exams for this semester are done, that is probably at the middle or the end of February.
I will still be around to continue commenting on my favourite blogs when taking a break from studying, but there won’t be enough time to write any articles. Actually I even have some ideas, I just wish I also had the time to get them written down. Of course I could do that quickly, but if I wrote them while being stressed like this, they would be really bad, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on writing them.
I also wanted to use this opportunity to thank all of you people that continued to come back here and all of you who have left their comments, I truly appreciate every one of them. Thank you for the support and for your wonderful opinions on whatever I decided to write.
So, I’ll probably be back in about six weeks (that’s actually not that long) with new posts and I would love if you too returned to read them. I hope you have a great time with whatever you are doing for the next weeks.