Saturday, August 18, 2012

My point of view

I absolutely believe that we should all concentrate on the good things in life, that we should enjoy every little moment and be happy about all the little things that happen around us. I believe we should be grateful for what we have.  We should smile more often to other people (at least here in Germany people don’t do that too often) and we should try to share our happiness. Life is wonderful and valuable and it is too short to be unhappy and to have a negative point of view.  I am absolutely convinced by that.
Nonetheless, of course I know that life is often hard and unfair. Actually, you could say that I had what people call a difficult childhood. Maybe that is where the problems start. Because as I just said, I think that we should all concentrate on the good things in life and be happy about them. This is what I think. But what I feel is so different sometimes. You could say, there is a great difference between my thoughts and my feelings, between the things that I tell other people and the things that I actually feel. Often I concentrate too much on the negative things, I forget the positive ones and I am not grateful for all the good things that happen to me. And I am so often jealous of other people. I don’t really live the life I would like to live. But at the same time I am not able to change this, since I can’t change the present without endangering my future.
But of course I don't tell anyone. I keep smiling and try to convince myself of my own opinion.
Anyway, I won’t change my mind about concentrating on the small good things in life, because, after all, what else can you do to survive the difficult ones?


  1. Anonymous24/8/12 07:48

    You know, happiness is a road we walk to reach the end of life, sometimes we find some platforms where there is sadness and grief. They are used to let us measure the real value of happiness.

    It is up to any of us to choose how long we will remain on those platforms, and when we will return to our happy road! :)

  2. You are right about that.
    I guess sometimes those platforms just seem to be so big and endless that we forget about the existence of our happy road.

    Thank you for reminding me! :)