Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Liebster Blog

First, a little side note here: I'm back at university at Friday because the new semester begins and although I had a holiday job during semester break (so I wasn't just sitting around either), I'll have less time from then on. Good news is, I hope to have a lot of inspiration for new posts. But I'm going to have less time to write them, being at university all day. However, I'll try to post at least once a week.

Secondly, I felt honestly surprised but honoured and happy to be nominated for the Liebster Blog Award. Thank you so much for nominating me, Epsita! This is a link to her blog:  http://writer-ifyoudontlikesomething-learnit.blogspot.com/

Liebster Blog is actually German and means something like dearest or favorite blog.

According to the rules, I am supposed to answer the following 11 questions:
1.       What genre do you usually write in?
This is difficult, I write about everything that comes into my mind and that seems to be important for me. I would say it is mainly personal but about general topics.
2.       What is your favorite book and why?
I like to read different kind of books , so that's hard to choose. But one that I really like is Macbeth from Shakespeare. It’s fascinating and every time I read it I discover something new. Plus, I just love Shakespeare’s use of language.
3.       Which color best describes you?
Difficult again, I have no idea what color describes me best. I like blue though.
4.       What makes you feel blessed?
It makes me feel blessed when I visit the children I used to coach and they are happy to see me. And laughing with friends.
5.       Cake or Chips?
I am not sure what kind of chips this is referring to (chips as in fish and chips or crisps) so I choose cake.
6.       Your favorite quote?
I don’t have one favorite quote but I’ll choose this one from Macbeth:

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
             That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
             And then is heard no more: it is a tale
             Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
             Signifying nothing.
7.       If given a chance what would you like to change in you and why?
I am sometimes very insecure and not really self-confident in big groups with people I don’t know, I would like to change that.
8.       Love writing or reading?
Both, I couldn’t choose between one of them.
9.       What tops your shopping list?
Food and things for university. I am trying to save money so I avoid buying any unnecessary things.
10.   What keeps you busy?
My studies at university.
11.   The best thing you have learned as a Blogger?
There are a lot of wonderful people with great and interesting opinions out there and there is really a lot I can learn yet.

The next thing I have to do is list 11 things about me. Here they are:

1.       I dream of visiting as many parts of the world as possible.
2.       Actually I have been thinking about moving to the UK some day.
3.       I used to draw a lot but it takes me a lot of time until I am content with my work, so I became too impatient to draw anymore.
4.       I find it difficult to tell something about me that is not totally boring.
5.       When I was a kid, I didn’t want to ask other people about things I didn’t know, so I just invented a lot of crazy but creative theories in my mind (which later turned out to be nonsense) to explain things to myself.
6.       Although I love travelling and getting to know other countries, I am really bad at geography.
7.       I don’t like playing soccer (which is the most popular sport in Germany), but I do judo.
8.       In my family, I am the only one with green eyes (or green blue, I'm not sure), all the other family members I know have brown ones.
9.       When I was a little kid, my father used to read from a book to me before I went to sleep and most of the time it was the same book. I still know parts of it by heart.
10.   Friends are the most important thing for me.
11.   Although I am a quite good swimmer, I am totally afraid of jumping into water. I am scared of heights but only if there is water below me, which makes of course no sense, as there are greater chances of surviving than without water.

Now comes the best part, which is nominating the other blogs. Unfortunately, some of my favorite blogs have more than 200 followers and I have to choose blogs with less, but nonetheless these are some really great blogs. They are awesome and definitely worth a visit! So, my award goes to (and there is no particular order):

Rum-Punch Drunk 

A Brainless Nod  

Inspired by Gabriel 

Children of the Three Suns  

The American Rose
If you want to accept it, these are the rules:
Answer 11 question given to you by the person awarding you.
State 11 things about yourself
Nominate up to 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers
Inform them of the nomination.

And my questions to you:
1. If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet?
2. Is there something or someone that inspires you?
3. What are you afraid of?
4. What do you like most about yourself?
5. Do you prefer living in the city or in the country?
6. Who is your favorite author?
7. In school, did you ever copy homework from someone?
8. What was the last thing that made you smile?
9. What is one of your biggest dreams?
10. Why did you start blogging?
11. What would you do first if you won the lottery?


  1. Heartiest Congratulation for receiving the Liebster Blog award which you so well-deserved! The meaning is beautiful and so fitting for this wonderful blog. I'm sure there are more awards to come.

    I enjoy reading your answers to the tagged questions. The 11 things about you make me know more of you. I smile reading your questions for the nominees. One of it is No. 7. Even if it isn't for me but allow me to share a secret here that I ever did it! I didn't know the answers and so, early in the morning I copied from my friend! That saved me from getting the punishment. :)

    Congratulations to all the nominees of the award. :)

    Wishing you the best in your studies. :)

    1. Thank you so much Balqis! :)

      And thank you for sharing your little secret, it made me smile too. I wanted to nominate you but you have more than 200 followers, so I wasn't allowed to.
      I'm glad you could escape the punishment. :) When I sometimes forgot to do my homework and it wasn't difficult, I just did it in the lesson before, which wasn't allowed of course, but I could listen at the same time, so it didn't do any harm :)

      Thank you. :)

  2. Hey there!..ohhh this looks fun! :) . i'm your newest follower. I would love for you to return the favour when u can..tnxeee
    Very Weldone on your award :)

    1. Thank you!
      Left a comment on your blog. :)


  3. Herzlichen Glückwunsch für die Auszeichnung!

    Es scheint mehr eine Strafe als ein Preis! Aber es ist gut zu machen
    denken über sich selbst. :)

    Du verdienst dieses und viele andere, K.

    Ich dachte, dass bei dieser Gelegenheit in der deutschen gefeiert werden sollte, aber ich muss nicht missbrauchen es da es auf mich fallen können und machen ein Durcheinander meiner Grammatik Kern! :)

    Wie du siehst, ich kann nicht vertrauen zu schreiben was in meinem Kopf ist!

    Mögen die Elfen helfen mir zu schreiben, was ich sagen will!


    1. Danke!!

      Ja, es war schwierig und es hat mich wirklich über mich selbst nachdenken lassen, aber ich würde es nicht als Strafe bezeichnen. :)

      Das ist so nett von dir, vielen Dank für deine Mühe!
      Es ist ganz ungewohnt hier auf Deutsch zu schreiben. :)

      Dein Deutsch ist wirklich gut, ich habe alles verstanden! :)

      Die Elfen haben ihre Aufgabe gut gemacht!

      Thank you so much! I was thrilled! I don't know how much German you know, so ask me if you didn't understand anything! :)

    2. Yes, also I thought that Strafe was a bit tough, but could not remember another softer term! :)

      You are right, it is not usual to write in other language which may be not understood by everybody, but not that unusual! And this case justified the effort!

      Anyway, it is an evident congratulation! :)

      Happy to know the Elves were auspicious!

      They still are, I told you I dare to dance a slow minuet with German but I did understand everything! :)

      Thank you!!

    3. Actually, I didn't mean to say it is unusual in general but that I am not used to write in German when I visit blogs, so that the words came to my mind rather in English than in German. :) But I didn't really make that clear. :)

      I did remember you told me you know to dance a slow minuet in German but I didn't know how fast it would be. :)

      Thanks again!

  4. Wow loved all your answers. Congratulations once again:)

    1. Thank you again for nominating me! And congratulations to you as well! :)